You can use the Double opt-in feature to customize how the dialog box looks, the button color and text, the messaging, the logo, the placement of the opt-in, and even when it appears based on your needs

Using the Custom Prompt can reduce the block rate (clicks on 'Block' instead of 'Allow') and allows you to re-ask for permissions even though visitors have not accepted the first time.

When visitors interact with the pop-up, a web push will be displayed to ask them click on "Allow"

There are two options to customize prompt:

1. Create a new pop-up

You click on "Create a new pop-up" -> You can create a basic-looked popup with our quick set up feature, it only takes a few minutes to edit the components on your left-side bar -> Next

Then you can configure the display of web push -> save and set live

We recommend that you should choose the display of the web push after 3 seconds for all visitors. It helps your campaigns reach more visitors and increase the engagement rate.

If you want to know more about the configuration of web push, you should read these articles below:

"When to show" trigger:

After finishing the setup, if you want to change the design of your popup, you can check it in the "Pop-up & Banner" section.

2. Choose the existing pop-up

If you want to choose an existing pop-up, you need to make sure that you've already created a popup in the 'Popup & Banner' section. Then go back to the Web push section, select a popup in the dropdown box to integrate it with your browser prompt, then click on "Save"

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