Before you start sending webpush notifications to your audience, make sure that you have turned on the prompt opt-ins to collect subscribers.

Web push campaigns are notifications that appear on a visitor's device screen (desktop or mobile). They are similar to app notifications you receive from apps that are on your phone. The difference is that web push campaigns are sent from a website.

When visitors click 'Allow' on the browser prompt on their device, they will be added to your subscriber list and can receive marketing messages from web push campaigns

How to set up one-off web push campaigns?

With ManySales, you can send web push campaigns as new arrivals announcement, flash-sale, seasonal promotions, etc... This clickable web push will direct your customers back to your site whenever they are, and of course, it will increase your conversion rate more than ever with just half the effort.

Firstly, go to "Web push" menu -> Click "Create new"

Secondly, create a web push on-off campaign. You can use our pre-built templates.

Input information on the left column and the right one shows the display of the campaign on other browsers

Please note the required information when creating a campaign:

  • Title/Message: The message must be short and attractive to lead customers can interact with the campaign

  • Primary link: Don't forget to add the link. When customers interact with the campaign, it will lead them directly to the website to purchase.

Then click on "Save and exit" button

Finally, configure the display of the web push campaign -> click "Set campaign live"

Otherwise, you can schedule a delivery time that the campaign will be sent to your customers.

If you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

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