What are web push notifications?

Web push notifications are actionable messages sent to a visitor’s device from a website via a browser. This is one of the new marketing strategies for online stores. These messages are timely, personalized, and best used to engage. It doesn't ask visitors for personal information like their name or email address.

The benefit when using web push notifications

  • Higher engagement rates: short messages, and engaging images that appear instantly attract users.

  • Multi-platform delivery: can be delivered instantly to different browsers on desktop, mobile that visitors are using.

  • Quick setup: take only a few minutes to create and set up a campaign

How to set up prompt opt-ins?

An opt-in allows you to convert visitors into subscribers by asking them for permission to send promotions and offers about your products.

Go to Web push on your app page -> You can choose either "Single opt-in" or "Double opt-in" -> Save

Single opt-in

The default prompt is shown by the browser to convert visitors to subscribe to your web push notifications.

You click on Single opt-in -> Configure the display web push -> Save

We recommend that you need to avoid spamming customers by using frequency settings. Please check this article for more information.

Double opt-in

This method is recommended because it will give more content to your customers. You can create messages that attract subscribers before the default browser prompt shows up.

You can customize how the box, the button color and text, the messaging, the logo, the placement of the opt-in, and even when it appears based on your need.

Please check the article to learn more about >> How to customize your Prompt.

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