With ManySales, we allow you to quickly categorize your customers based on their interaction with our app, their behaviors, etc by using segmentation in the app. We offer many different filters to allows you to be more flexible with your segments and send more targeted customers.

You can create your audience segments based on the following basic factors:

  • Customer information

  • Customer behaviors

Let's look into each of these categories in greater detail

Segments by Customer Information

Your contact list will be synchronized from the platform when you install the app or when customers interact with ManySales tools. You can use all collected information, such as email address, phone number, orders,... as a rule for your segment filter. Some of the main filters contain:

  • Email/phone number

  • Email/phone number status

  • Order count

  • Order spent

  • Last order date

Segments by Customer Behaviors

It allows you to segment by customer activities with your email/SMS campaigns, pop-ups, automation flows, web push campaigns, and contain multiple options:

  • Received/Clicked/Opened Email/SMS campaign

  • Received/Clicked/Opened Email/SMS automation flow

  • Clicked/Submitted from Popup

How to segment audience list

The benefit of Segmentation is analyzing your customers' behaviors. It helps you execute best practices of:

  • Launching promotions, loyalty campaigns to the right targeted customers

  • Increasing loyalty customers

  • Increasing order conversion rate

  • Manage your audiences more effectively

There are two ways to create targeted audiences.

Basic Filter:

First, click “Add filter" and start filtering. Then you can see the filtered data display in the table.

Click on “Save filter" to save these segments for email/SMS marketing campaigns.

Or you can export the data for different purposes

Combine ‘And’ with ‘Or’ filters

This is one of the best features of our app that helps you manage your contact list efficiently. It allows you to create more flexible filters with your segments, and send more targeted audiences.

First, add your first filter:

Then, add an additional filter and apply “and” or “or” feature between them that be suitable for your need:

Finally, you can see the 'And' and 'Or' rules have been combined to create a more flexible and targeted audience.

If you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at support@manysales.io

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