Your contact list will be synchronized from the platform when you install the app. As default, we only show the basic information such as name, email address, phone number, etc... To check other details, you can select from the dropdown menu on the top right of the table.

There are 2 types of customers you can manage from our app:

  • Identified customers: who have been identified by email addresses or phone numbers. When you start using ManySales to collect customer information, if a customer enters different emails or phone numbers on the same browser, our system will merge all of it to one contact - with the 1st email & phone number as the primary.

    You can reach this type of customer via Email/SMS one-off campaigns, or Automation Flow

  • Unidentified customers: who browse your website but do not leave any contact information, or have not interacted with the ManySales tools. When they leave emails or phone numbers via a ManySales tool, they will become identified customers.

    You can still track their behavior and reach them via a Webpush campaigns.

Contact Detail

Here is an example of the contact detail. The user log is our new update. It records customer's activities. You can know their behavior and have appropriate marketing programs.

Segment Filters:

If you want to collect contacts that have a certain condition, you can use the "Add filter" field to apply that rule in the segmentation.

Otherwise, we recommend you should manage your audience by different segmentations based on their behaviors and interests. It helps you better understand your customers and can deploy promotions specifically for those, increase order conversion rates and bring high efficiency to your business.

You can read this article for references How to segment audience list

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