What is an Ongoing Campaign?

Ongoing campaigns are a powerful feature that allows you to connect with customers, achieve your marketing goals, and increase sales through custom text/email messages sent on your schedule.

An ongoing campaign allows you to send behavior-based emails or SMS automatically to selected recipients. The recipients will receive the messages right at the exact moment that you've determined would be best for them.

Why should you use the Ongoing campaign?

  • Simplify your workflow: one step required and all your works is auto-connected.

  • Deliver timely communications: via two most popular channels - SMS & Email.

  • Save your time: ready-made templates are available and it's easy to edit within minutes.

Otherwise, if you would like to have more options to set up sophisticated workflows, you can get it from Automation Flow - which helps you can send more than 1 email/SMS, with different conditions:

>> How to create an automation flow to welcome new subscribers

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