Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), you have to assure that you clear away customers’ contact from your SMS marketing campaign if they request to be removed.

With ManySales, your subscribers can easily opt-out of SMS marketing at any time by replying “STOP” to any message you have sent. Instructions on how to unsubscribe, e.g. “Reply STOP to opt-out” is required in each text message.

This feature will check all responses and remove anyone who is clearly opting-out. Your brand can benefit by having a cleaner, healthier list - and you can rest assured that you are only texting those who truly want to be a recipient.

The opt-out option is flexible to change into various keywords and languages in order to suit your customers as long as it contains the word “STOP”.

To edit it, you must fill in the “Unsubscribe content” in each of your SMS campaign. (Learn more: How to set up an SMS Marketing Campaign)

Note: With 160 characters maximum in each text message, you should better pick up a short and concise unsubscribe content to save space.

For example: Text STOP to opt-out.

At the moment, there is no opt-out confirmation sent out after the subscribers reply STOP. You can check who unsubscribed their messages in: Contact > Audience List > Phone Status.

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