You are able to display your customers' names automatically with our personalized shortcodes.

Personalized shortcodes can make more sense to engage with your subscribers. Don’t use “Hey you” or “To whom it may concern”. How about “Hi Tris. It’s Jei from ManySales on Shopify” as an intro. Personal and friendly is always a great place to start.

At present, ManySales offer many types of personalized shortcodes for SMS feature, these will save your time by automatically replacing the shortcode with the information from your Shopify data and audience list:

  • Name: {{}}

  • Email: {{}}

  • Email Status: {{audience.email_status}}

  • Phone Number: {{}}

  • Phone Status: {{audience.phone_status}}

  • Date Created: {{audience.created_at}}

  • Last Modified: {{audience.updated_at}}

  • Country Code: {{audience.country_code}}

  • Province: {{audience.province}}

  • City: {{}}

  • Source: {{audience.input_type}}

  • Address: {{audience.address}}

  • Zipcode: {{audience.zipcode}}

  • Gender: {{audience.gender}}

  • Order Count: {{audience.orders_count}}

  • Total Spent: {{audience.total_spent}}

  • Last Order Date: {{audience.last_order_date}}

To use it, you need to create an SMS then click the button {+} to add the shortcode which you want. (Learn more: How to set up a SMS marketing campaign)

When your SMS is sent, ManySales dynamically change the shortcodes to display information relevant to each recipient.

In the example above, the shortcode {{}} will be swapped out for each individual’s name from your Audience list, {{audience.total_spent}} will be displayed base on your Shopify data.

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