Here are the reasons why you fail to test your SMS campaign:

1. The format of the phone number doesn't match

If you encountered this issue, you may have entered the wrong number formatting. The acceptable one is E.164 which defines a general format for international telephone numbers. The E.164 general format must contain only digits split as follows:

  • Country code (1 to 3 digits)

  • Your phone number (max 12 digits)

Let's say, your phone number is 6134551232 (US), then the following formats should be applied:

  • +16134551232

  • +1 613-455-1232

2. Your carrier is not supported

Manysales supports global SMS carrier networks for over 150 countries, which are listed in detail at: ManySales - SMS Carriers & Prices.

If you can't find your SMS carrier in the list, it means we have not supported that carrier at the moment. You won’t be charged fees if your messages are sent to non-supported carriers.

3. Your SMS is filtered

Fail to test SMS can also be caused by carrier filters, which are used to block abusive traffic, as well as to enforce rules or regulations about what forms of messaging are permitted to that country or mobile network.

ManySales is still working on increasing our reach and identifying the best possible carrier connections available worldwide. However, with some countries, local telecom infrastructure or technical limitations of carriers may result in inaccurate delivery statuses.

(Learn more: Why couldn’t I use my phone numbers when sending SMS?)

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