We don't support personal sending phone numbers since it's not possible for international text message marketing.

Porting your international phone number requires a several step process, which may take up to four weeks depending on its basis and the country it belongs to. If your phone number is verified to send SMS internationally, don’t hesitate to contact our CS team for personal support.

In order to assist you in reaching overseas customers easily, ManySales offers our shared numbers, which is cheap, but also effective. (Learn more: How much does an SMS cost)

There are two types of SMS numbers you can send: Default (+15595866868) and custom SMS number.

To choose a custom SMS number that suits you, click Settings => Custom SMS Number => Select a country & Search.

...Or a less common way: Create an SMS => Sender Number section => Click “Add your own number”.

Note: Even though there are many phone numbers you are looking for, you can just add only one. In case you released it, you can not add it back until the next billing cycle.

If you need some more help, please let us know via our live chat or email us at support@manysales.io

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