By default, the address used to send emails from ManySales is However, this address can be updated to reflect your specific domain and brand instead. Check this article to know how to set your Outbound Domain.

In most cases, the records should be verified almost immediately after being added to the Domain account correctly. However, some changes will require up to 48 hours to take effect. If not, please check the following information:

Adding wrong domain into ManySales system:

You need to add your root domain to this field, such as

For example: If I want to send an email from, I would set my domain to be

If your domain in this field includes www. or http://www. , please remove it and enter the new domain, then updates your DNS information one more time.

Adding invalid records into your Domain account:

Normally, you can add all records that we provided to the settings page of your DNS provider. But remember that different DNS providers have different rules for adding those records.

For example: With GoDaddy, this is the right way to add the records:

  • To verify the 1st line in our app (like the above), you add only the @ symbol instead of In the DNS zone, @ - represents the domain, so it might be sufficient to replace it with the @ symbol.

  • With the 2nd line in ManySales system, don't enter your domain name in the 'Host' field, only enter something._domainkey in it:

This way can also be applied to Google and Namecheap.

Please contact us via live chat or email:, if you have any further questions.

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