By default, ManySales will automatically inject a script tag to your site to show all the storefront tools (pop-up, banner, bar...).

If you couldn't run any tools on your website, follow the steps below to check that the code has been installed:

  • On your website, click on the right mouse button, select 'View page source'.

  • Use Ctrl +F to search 'manysales':

    If the code appears, ManySales is working correctly on your website. You can check this article to find the reason why your tools aren't displaying on your storefront.

    In case the ManySales code doesn't appear, you can try to log in to our app from your Shopify Dashboard, then recheck the code one more time.


    • After uninstalling the app, the script tag will be automatically removed from your theme codes. To make sure there aren't any left-over codes, just check your page source again as the instruction above.

    • If it doesn't work, please contact us via live chat or email, our technical team will help you quickly.

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