After sending a test email from ManySales system, normally, you can receive this email in 5 minutes. In some cases you didn't receive the email, there are 3 common explanations for this:

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The email went to Spam

A lot of email providers (like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo…) have spam filters to remove junk mails out of their customer’s inboxes. Maybe, they’ve swept away your mail too.

In this case, you could click on 'Report as not spam' button to move it out of the folder and into your primary inbox. This action will teach your inbox that you want to receive this email in the future:

You can read this article to know how to avoid spam filters.

The email went to Promotions:

If you send marketing emails or bulk emails that include deals, offers and, other promotional messages from a third-party email service provider or email marketing software like ManySales, this would trigger the filters of Gmail and your email go into the promotions box:

This isn't an inherently bad thing as this tab is nothing like the spam box.

The email was blocked by security software or firewall:

If your email isn't found in the Spam box or Promotions, your email may have an email security software or firewall that quarantined the email before it reached their personal inbox.

To confirm this, you can work with IT team to check the email server. Providing the email's subject line, From address, and send date will help the IT administrator locate the email and complete their investigation more quickly.

If it's determined that your emails were quarantined, add your sending domain and typical sending addresses to their whitelist.

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