Are you having trouble with sending your email? Here are a few reasons why you can't send your email in ManySales:

1. Reach monthly quota of emails

Refer to this article to learn more about Monthly email volume.

When your account is over quota, two things may happen:

  • You will receive a notification bar as below when entering the app:

  • As the result, every action related to sending emails will be stopped.

To learn how to upgrade your emails quota, please check this article Pageviews and Emails monthly volume. Or contact our Support team for immediate assistance.

2. Invalid content

For security reasons, our system will block your campaigns in case your headline and body text contains information as following:

  • Trademark keywords: If you do not have a corporate email address, your content should not include any copyright keywords.

  • Incorrect email URLs: Make sure the URL you tried to use should lead to your store website (please note that the URLs start with https://, not www.)

3. High spam rate

A spam rate is the number of people who reported your message as spam out of the total number of emails you have sent. High spam rate happened because of more than 0.1% of your receivers “Report Spam” your email. This is the industry standard set by major inbox providers like Gmail.

If your account has a high spam rate, ManySales will send you a notification bar and every action related to sending emails will be stopped.

To resume it, you need to set up a custom Outbound domain.

If it doesn't work, please contact us via live chat or email, our technical team will help you quickly

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