Firstly, don't forget to click 'Set campaign live' button on the detail page to enable the pop-up appears on your website.

If you still couldn’t see the pop-up on your storefront, it might be because of the following reasons:

1. Limitation of display times

Your pop-up might not display because of the limit number of display times. Let's see how you can set it up to control how many times your pop-up appears.

Frequency capping stands for the number of impressions on your website. You can manage exactly how many times a visitor can see your pop-up by editing the Frequency capping in ManySales. Please note that the number of frequency capping shows up per browser cookies.

You also could set up the ‘Delay between two appearances’ to leave a gap between two displays of the pop-up. In case you set up a large number, the pop-up might take a lot of time to show up.

Note: You should open incognito mode to check how the pop-up display, but only one tab/ window at a time to avoid cookies duplication.

To learn more on how to set-up the Frequency effectively, please check this article: ‘Avoid spamming your customers with 'Frequency' setup’.

2. Incorrect script installation

In case you open your website via an incognito window but the pop-up doesn’t display. Please check the script is available in your source or not, it might be missing.

To check this, please read the article How to check if I installed ManySales correctly for more information.

3. Script tag is incompatible with your themes

Our script usually runs correctly with most Shopify basic themes. But for some special themes or custom themes, the script might conflict with the custom code and affects the pop-up appears on your website. Even in some cases, the pop-up is showing up with missing elements, making it look like bugs.

In this case, please contact the Support team for assistance with solving this problem

4. Reach monthly quota of pageviews

Refer to this article to learn more about Monthly Pageviews volume.

When your account is over quota, two things may happen:

  • You will receive a notification bar as below when entering the app:

  • As the result, Pop-up will be disabled on your storefront.

To learn how to upgrade your Pageview quota, please check this article: Pageviews and Emails monthly volume.

If it still doesn't work, please contact us via our live chat or email for further assistance.

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