In this article, we will guide you to create an automated omnichannel workflow

1. Select a trigger

To create a welcome new subscribers workflow, navigate for the User Engagement section on the side menu > click on Create new and select 'Welcome subscribers' tab.

You will be directed to the editing page where you can start creating your workflow. On the left side tab, there are two sources of contacts which you can select to send emails/SMS to:

  • Subscribers from ManySales pop-up: people subscribe on your pop-up created via ManySales will receive the emails / SMS.
  • Subscribers from Shopify forms (usually placed at your website footer): people subscribe on Shopify sign-up form will receive the emails / SMS.

Please note that you cannot select both sources.

2. Select a channel

Click on the (+) button to add another touch-point to your flow.

You have 4 options to add on your flow which are:

Before deciding which touch-point to add, make sure that you fully understand your channels and use it accordingly, don't bombard your customers with text messages and emails at the same time.

In this case, you can add a Condition node to create one flow for all purposes which helps you avoid spamming your customers, either with SMS or emails.

With the condition node added, now you have 2 branches on your flow. Add the email channel onto 'Yes' branch, and SMS channel for the 'No' branch.

To learn how to create an Email / SMS with ManySales tools, please check the articles as below:

> How to create an email campaign with drag-and-drop system?

> How to create a personalized SMS message?

3. Keep track of how your workflow perform

Research shows that SMS open rates are as high as 98%, compared to just 20% of all emails. You may know already that customers would check your welcome text messages immediately because it reached them right in their pocket. But how about your welcome emails going unseen at the first time?

If your email open rate is low, it depends on different reasons, although you should make sure that your emails won't go straight to spam box, please check these articles for references:

> How to avoid Spam Filters when sending emails

> Improve your sending reputation

Apart from that, adding a back-up email in case the 1st one goes un-noticed won't hurt! Insert a Condition node after Email / SMS node will enable selecting a follow-up action, which you can use to keep track of your email deliverability rate.

The follow-up action contains of 2 options:

  • Click: indicates whether people click on any URLs your email or not.
  • Open: indicates whether people open your email or not.

The Yes/No branches will be created, based on your selection of either two options above. Let's say that your goal is increasing the open rate, then the goal would be hit when customers click on your email, that's when you should end your flow. On the other hand, if they don't open your 1st email, then send another one for reminder purpose.

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