1. When is the right time to display your Popup

Timing is one of the most essential aspects to tell if your marketing campaign is performing well. Showing a popup right after your customers access your site is the worst way to annoy them.

The potential customers need to get a look, essentially a feel for your site before they should be encouraged to make any commitments. If your popup appears on the screen too early, you may disturb customers’ experience or defer them away from your site in one swift click, and possibly they will never return again.

Or in another case, customers may leave the site already if your popups don’t show up in time.

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2. Show your Popup to the right audience

Pop-up campaigns with random conditions can often fall short of desired goals. You might be easily reaching the wrong audience or fail to deliver the correct message that can engage or even convert consumers.

Using specific conditions to narrow your audience list on each Popup brings incredible results.

For example: If your business is in the US, you could create a discount pop-up which targets the audience there only. On the other hand, you could show the pop-up only to shoppers who have cart value over $50.

Ensure that the right message reaches the right customers at the right time!

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