This article contains:

1. Quick edit on ManySales pre-built templates guidance

2. Pop-up display configuration

3. Complete your lead flow with automation messages

Please keep reading below for step-by-step guidance.

I. Quick edit on the pre-built templates

We offer a selection of popular pre-built templates that will help you drive conversions. Although to turn it completely into a custom-branded masterpiece of your own, you may want to quickly edit the text and image to fit with your ideal context.

Select a template

Click on the Create new to enter the Template Library:

Edit the components

Remember that your form is a set of content block - which you can drag around, add or remove each one separately. To configure your form such as add an image or re-position it, select the block you want to make changes and edit it with our tools

Step 1: Build the main page

With a form to collect new subscribers, there are 3 essential components that you would need to have which are: catchy headline & content, input fields, and a call-to-action button.

For text editing, just highlight a paragraph that you want to edit and the editor will appear right on the top menu. You can add any text that you think would be attractive to customers, but make sure that the benefit of your offer is clear right in the headline, because 80% of people who see a piece of content will only read the headline, and a good headline can boost traffic by up to 500%.

For input fields, simply need to click on 'Component' button. Then you can either click or drag the 'Sign-up' component to your pop-up.

On the Input tab, select which field you would like to have on your form and if it should be a required field or not. You can edit the text on the input fields on the top menu.

You need to add the 'Button' component then choose 'Submit form' to make your sign-up pop-up work correctly.

Step 2: Add a 'Thank you' pop-up

*Note: this step is only enabled when you add the sign-up form.

With a 'Thank you' popup after form submits, your customers could receive your heart-felt message of thanks without having to totally disrupt their browsing experience on your website.

To re-apply the design from the main popup, on the Tabs section > hover your mouse to 'Form Submitted' > click on Copy from Main page button.

Then it's your turn to freely design your thank you page, either give your customers a discount code or tell them to check their mail inbox for other surprises!

Edit layout & form size

In case you upload an image that is smaller or bigger than the default image in the template, you can always resize the form thus it will appear as your wish!

Come back to the Component board on the left side menu, at the Layout, you can change the background to image or color to fit with your brand.

You also can adjust responsive for the component to fit with each device:

Note: Click on the thumb bar on the right side of the screen to change device mode or preview it on your store.

You can edit components in the Bar template in the same way as the pop-up. Remember, the Bar is perfect for collecting a single field of information, such as an email address or displaying a short message.

For the best responsive on devices, we suggest that you should use the Block Component and change it to 2 or 3 columns (one for Text and other ones for Button or Input fields).

II. Pop-up display configuration

After you've done designing the form, click on 'Save and Exit' and process to the detail page to set up the configuration.

Set up the behavior targeting

To learn how to set up the rules to show your popup at the right time, please check this article

Move forward to Display device, you can choose whether to enable your popup on computer and mobile or both. This settings could support you to have different popups on the same page, but suitable for each device.

*Note: For 'On exit-intent' trigger, the popup will be automatically disabled on mobile.

Schedule your popup to run on specific days

This option will help you to show perfectly organized scheduled popups for each day specifically. Show various popups for each day of week, to reach more visitors with different offers every day!

The schedule time follows your timezone settings, you can change it in the General Settings from the left-side toolbar:

Check the display frequency

Frequency capping is the number of times a user sees the popup on your site. This option will help you to avoid spamming users too much with the same content.

Please check this article for more information on How to avoid spamming your customers with Frequency setup.

III. Complete your lead flow with Automation messages

When you finished creating a pop-up with sign-up form and save the design. There will be a notification pop-up asking if you would like to create an automated workflow (with SMS & Email channel) to welcome your new subscribers.

Please check this article to learn more about How to create an Automation flow to welcome new subscribers.

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