Let's start creating an influential free shipping bar with advanced targeting to boost your cart values and sales!


Benefits of the free shipping bar

Add a free shipping bar to your website with 2 easy steps

Case study: Free delivery limits by cart rules

Before you start reading this article, please make sure you understand what Bar is and its use cases.

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Benefits of the free shipping bar

  • Improve sales and conversion rates: A lot of online businesses lose their customers because of high shipping charges. That's why, displaying the free shipping offer on your website may bring customers back for further purchase because it raises the willingness to buy.
  • Boost the average Order Value: Business often sets a specific threshold on order value for a customer to get this promotion, which encourages visitors to purchase more on your site to reach the threshold as most shoppers want to have free stuff.
  • Increase Customer Loyalty: Customers in the loyalty program can be offered the benefit to deliver their order without paying any extra fee, or they can buy a package of free shipping at a reasonable price. It could be an attractive offer which stimulates visitors to register your loyalty program. The members will be multiple gradually, thanks to this strategy.
  • Gain competitive advantages: Offering free delivery helps online stores remain competitive in today‚Äôs market. The e-commerce market has excessive growth with a boom of online shops. To stand firmly in the competitive road, your store needs to gives customers the benefits that they take seriously while free delivery is one of them

Add a free shipping bar to your website with 2 easy steps

Step 1: Create & Design a new bar

Navigate for the Bar section at the side menu, it is placed under the Conversion section > then Create new.

Your design is a set of blocks, which you can edit separately. By this way, when you change the color, the padding, or even move it to another place, it won't affect the other block of contents.

This is how to change color of each block:

For text editing, when you highlight the text which you want to format, the editor box will be displayed like in the below screenshot. You can select font style, font size, color, alignment, etc... as how you would like.

When you click on the 'Plus' button at the right side of the preview bar, a box of elements will show up, you can select an element on add on your Bar. The box consists of:

  • Two columns: divide your bar into 2 columns of block, you can add any contents to the blocks.
  • Button: add a button with URL field to your Bar, you can add any link to this URL field.
  • Pop-up form: add an email sign-up form to your Bar.
  • Emoji: add an emoticon to your content.

About Button, you also edit it just like how you do with Text. Even add an URL to make the button act like a link.

But please note that the link in the Clickable field will be disable once you add an URL in the button as cited above.

That's all the basic steps of creating & designing a bar, let's move on to setting up the Targeting!

Step 2: Set up your target and display rules (with case studies)

By default, your bar will appear to all customers on any page. Otherwise, you can set the display rule with the listed conditions as below:

>> Learn more about how to setup 'Show to whom' conditions

Anyway, here are a specific example of setting up an effective Free Shipping Bar:

Free shipping limits by cart rules

If you apply the same free delivering method for all different kinds of products, you will lose your profit margin. In this case, free delivery does not play a useful tool to increase your sales, and it becomes a negative impact on your site. Instead, you can apply free shipping for customers with a specific cart values, or particular items in their cart to up-sell.

For example, you want to display the free shipping bar with the content 'FREE SHIPPING FOR ORDERS OVER $500 WITHIN THE US' to those shoppers whose cart values is less than $500 to push them to buy more. Setup your bar as following:

  • In the Targeting section > Add new Show to whom condition > select the Country attribute > select United States > click OK to save.
  • Then add another condition > select Cart Rules > select Total Value > select 'Less than' then enter '500' in the blank field > click OK to save.
  • Back to the main page of settings > between the 2 conditions, select AND so that your bar will show up only to people who meet both conditions.

That's it! Should you have any other concern, feel free to contact our Support team via our live chat channel by clicking on the bottom right icon inside app, or our email at support@manysales.io.

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