You already acknowledge that providing customers with free shipping, or any special deals might turn them from window shoppers to actual consumers.

But you're still questioning about how to let customers know you’re offering the deals beforehand? And why a small banner that sits at the top/bottom of your website would make such a big impact?


Free Shipping Bar

GDPR Cookie Consent

Email Sign-up Form

Scroll down for some awesome use cases and tips of the Bar!

1. Free Shipping Bar

This is the most popular use case for a Bar (or Sticky Banner) is a Free Shipping Bar. Due to the word 'free shipping' is a common term in e-Commerce industry, it's become an essential marketing strategy for online businesses where consumers can buy multiple items with no shipping cost, while merchants can increase the order value.

Consumers today usually expect they would get special deals for purchasing many products at once, that's why letting your shoppers know that they are promised free shipping / discount beforehand can help you see a big boost to your bank account's bottom line.

Here are some use cases you can apply on your free shipping bar using ManySales:

  • Free shipping on anything: you could apply free shipping to all items in your shop. Usually shops with expensive products such as jewelry will use this strategy.
  • Free shipping for some specific items: set up a promotion on some specific products which would bring high profit that covers the shipping cost.
  • Free delivery limits by cart rules: set up a threshold value so people with a cart that has total number of items, or total amount of money reaches your requirement will get free shipping.
  • Free shipping at specific periods of a year: the demand of shopping at some occasions such as Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas is higher than other periods in a year, which increases the competition among online shops because no one wants to be left behind. Apply a free shipping offer around these times would be a good strategy.
  • Free shipping for Membership & Loyal customers: apply a forever free shipping for membership, or customers who have big value of expenses. This would help you to increase the number of loyal customers.
  • Free shipping to some specific locations, or pick up at store: delivery free to the addresses which are located near your store. For big e-Commerce which has lots of stores around the world, you can apply free shipping to large countries such as China, USA.

Want to learn more about how to create a powerful Free Shipping Bar? Please refer to this article.

To ensure that customers will have their best experience on your website, you have to collect cookies from them.

But under the GDPR, it is the legal responsibility of merchants to make sure that personal data is collected and processed lawfully. A website outside of the EU is required to comply with the GDPR if it collects data from users inside the EU.

For that reason, an announcement bar placed at the bottom of your website to notify customers that you're collecting data from them is a MUST.

*NOTE: ManySales only provides the announcement bar feature, we're not a cookies collecting solution.

Create your own GDPR announcement, design it to fit with your brand, then scroll down to the Targeting section and click Add new:

Select the Country element:

Then fill-in the countries of EU that you want to show the announcement bar to, as following screenshot:

That's it! Save all the settings and your bar will be ready to use!

Otherwise, you can opt for our template of GDPR Cookie Consent which is installed automatically to your ManySales account from the start.

3. Email Sign-up Form

If you're worried that your Pop-up for email capture will be ignored by shoppers, now you can embed it right at the top or bottom of your website. Then customizing the form to support your brand, or combine it with special offers to attract new subscribers and boost engagement.

How to create an Email Sign-up Bar with ManySales?

Firstly, you will need to turn off the 'Easy mode' for more advanced editing tools. Hover to the bar, click on the 'Plus' button to add more elements.

Select to add 'Two columns', you will see a white block with 2 columns of content.

Move on to add an 'Enter your email' field, hover on the second block, then click on the 'Plus' button

Add a 'Pop-up form', you will see an email sign-up form as below screenshot

In order to add/remove a field in the email sign-up form, hover on the form and you will see a 'Three dots' button > click on the button to select your desired fields on the form.

Remember to switch to 'Thank you' tab to add your thank you content which would be displayed after someone has submitted their email. Please note that this 'Thank you' tab will only be auto-enabled when you add an email sign-up form.

You can choose to clone the design from your main bar, or customize it to how you would like!

Choose a background color, or add an image for your sign-up bar, change the color of each block to fit with the background color.

And then you will be done creating an Email Sign-up Form Bar (or Banner)!

Should you have any other concern, feel free to contact our Support team via our live chat channel by clicking on the bottom right icon inside app, or our email at

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