1. Import by Google Sheets app

To import reviews using the free spreadsheet app Google Sheets:

  • Open the link here and select 'Make a copy'

  • Fill in the review data according to the instructions in the spreadsheet below

  • You'll need to download it as .CSV before import to ManySales. Click File > Download > Select Comma-separated values (.csv, current sheet)

  • Upload the file in the Upload review tab. You can choose if the newly imported reviews should be published immediately or not.

2. How to fill in the form

Note: Fill in the review data according to these instructions. Do not rename or remove any of the columns Including the column titles.

In case you don’t have a photo URL, you can create one by following these instructions:

  1. Save the relevant photos to your computer

  2. Go to your Shopify settings - Files

  3. Click Upload files

  4. Choose one of the photos and upload it

  5. Copy its photo URL from the URL column once it has been uploaded then paste it in your .CSV file.

3. Upload your own CSV file

To import reviews using the downloaded CSV file, please follow these instructions:

  • Download this file ManySales Reviews Import File Template. Or go to Get Reviews > choose the Upload review tab > click to download the example file.

  • Please insert all review data below the existing column headers in the file.

  • Fill in the data of reviews you’d like to import according to the instructions listed above (How to fill in the form).

  • Save the file in a CSV UTF-8 supported file format (To save in UTF-8 click here).

  • Upload the file in your Upload review tab:

  • After the file was uploaded, you will receive an import summary popup, which notifies you of how many reviews were imported successfully.

4. Convert Numbers file on Mac to CSV UTF-8:

If Mac users want to edit files, please notice files should be exported to CSV UTF-8 from 'Numbers program

Try Export to CSV > Advanced Options

At the 'Text encoding' dropdown field > Select Unicode (UTF-8).

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