As I explicate the way Pop-ups work in "How to create an influential Pop-up", Trigger plays an extremely essential role. It allows your Pop-ups to appear right at the time people love to interact with.

In this article, I will show you the practical use cases for each type of ManySales' Triggers which may raise your Revenue and Customer Lists to another level.

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1. ON EXIT-INTENT | When visitors are about to leave.

On exit-intent works when it detects visitors hover the mouse out of your site area. To be clearer, when visitors tend to open a new tab, click on the button to go back or close the browser, etc.

Apply Exit-Intent to Collect Information or ask for Reconsider

This trigger interrupts visitors when they are about to leave. Therefore, it could force visitors to have a direct glance at your pop-up.

Take advantage of this point to collect their information (Email/SMS) before they leave, or make visitors reconsider to continue on your site.

  • Collect information: Do not waste any new visits by asking them to leave information. Use this trigger with new visitors. Offer them a freebie (free handbooks/ guidelines/ tips collections,...) in exchange for their Email/SMS.

    Tips: To reduce the annoyance, try giving a message like: "Your handbook will be sent through Email" or "We will provide you the link through SMS". This could leverage new visitors to be more willing to leave their information.
  • Reconsider: Use this trigger for all/ returning visitors. Offer them surprising discounts, best-seller collection, or on-sale items to increase the opportunity to keep them staying on your site.

2. CLICK ON A SPECIFIC AREA | Visitors have an intention to look for something.

This trigger works based on your designated element (a product image/ a button/ a bold phrase) that you aim to encourage visitors to click on.

Apply Click Pop-up to Boost Sales or Collect Information

Imagine you are a visitor who is looking for new style clothing, you may feel interested in something highlights new arrivals collection. Or, if you are interested in the image of a model wearing an impressive concept, you may tend to click on to see clearer.

This trigger helps you capture the visitors who have an intention to explore something on your site. You can use this trigger to generate Cross-sell / Up-sell, Flash Sales, or even Collect Information.

  • Cross-sell / Up-sell: Design a CTR button to call for researching similar items, for example, "Show Related". Then offer a pop-up that leads them to your suggested items. Try using this trigger with the condition "visited URL" or "cart rule" to define the audiences who are looking for relevant products.
  • Flash Sales: State this item is on-sale to boost sales immediately when visitors click on your selected product area.
  • Request Member Subscription: Ask visitors who interest in your high-value products to join your premium member list by offering them a privilege or a freebie (Guidelines/ Tips/ Handbooks, etc.) in exchange for an Email/SMS.

3. AFTER X PERCENT SCROLLING | Visitors are willing to give a try.

After x percent scrolling works when visitors have scrolled down x percent of your page.

Apply Scroll Pop-up to promote the right offer to the right audiences.

Think about a concept you like. When you first visit a website that matches what you are looking for, you will tend to scroll down to explore more. The more percent you scroll down on a page, the more interest you have.

Therefore, a visitor who has scrolled down 70% of the page is likely to be deeply impacted by your message the most. A timely offer may lead them to complete an order instantly.

Take this powerful opportunity to trigger sales instantly, collect leads, or keep visitors staying on your site (which may eventually lead to a strong desire to buy something).

  • Trigger Sales: Offering a trial coupon (to motivate them to try). Try whispering your visitors with a motivation message to boost sales instantly, for example: "Not sure about the quality? Give it a try with our 50% OFF coupon!".
  • Collect Leads: As I mentioned, Scroll Pop-up is efficient if you want to target the valuable customers. Clearly, the visitors who scroll down more are likely your potential customers. Offer them a superb privilege to ask for joining your member list.
  • Keep Visitors On-site: Introduce interesting relevant topics (new arrivals, best-seller collections) to encourage them to explore more and increase the possibility to buy your products.

4. AFTER X SECONDS | Send Message to mass visitors

After x seconds trigger works base on the time you want your pop-up to appear.

Apply Timely Pop-up to not miss out any audiences

In the Scroll trigger, visitors play a major role in the appearance of a pop-up. Imagine if a visitor is not patient enough to scroll down your estimated percentage, surely you will miss some audiences.

Use After x second trigger for entry pop-up to make sure your message will always approach all visitors; or, create a timely pop-up to be more proactive in delivering your message.

  • Entry Pop-up: Set time from 1 second to ask New Visitors for subscriptions in exchange for a benefit.

    Think about you have just landed on a site, then suddenly a pop-up appears and hides everything. Do you feel annoyed about it? Therefore, try setting it at least 5 seconds for an entry pop-up.
  • Timely Pop-up: This acts the same way with Scrolling x percent trigger (discover at Scroll trigger use cases) but more proactive. However, the big question here is:

    When is the perfect timing?
    - If you have Google Analytics (GA)
    Go to Acquisition > Overview > Behavior > Average Session Duration (ASD) to estimate the perfect timing for your site.
    For example, if ASD is 1:30 mins, you could choose to show at 1:00 minute.

    - Make use of A/B Testing
    Set up 4 pop-ups with the same message but different timings. The pop-up which has the highest interaction will demonstrate the most ideal timing.


"After Interacting With ManySales's Tools" Trigger shows pop-up based on visitors' interaction with a Pop-up, a Sales Pop, or a Review Box that created in ManySales app.

It acts as a 2-layer message at once. If visitors interact with the 1st layer, the 2nd layer will appear later to support the former message. For example, when customers completed writing a review in Review Box, you can use this trigger to pop-up a thank you coupon for their next purchase.

A new level to optimize the appearance of your message

This trigger gives you more power to emphasize the message with customers.

Use this trigger following a Pop-up, Sales Pop, or Review Box for flexible use cases.

  • Pop-up:
    - Offer an upgrade promotion, cross-sell / up-sell: After visitors signed up or click on a pop-up.

    For example: Imagine you interact with a new season collection pop-up. This shows you are quite interested to explore it. Then a pop-up suddenly appears, offering a special coupon which you may consider to give it a try.

    - Try combining this with the condition "Cart Rule":
    For example: only offer a special coupon for customers who have a Total Value in cart Greater than $100.
  • Sales Pop:
    - Emphasize the urgency: "This product is less in stock", or "This product is on 50% sales, only today"
    - Boost sales with a product review from other customers, or a promotion: "Buy 1 Get 1 Free", "10% Off for first-time purchase"
    - Offer up-sell / cross-sell: "30% more in size with just $10 more", "Check out Mix-and-Match ideas for this items", etc.
    - Try applying this trigger with the condition "Visited URL" to target the potential customers.
  • Review Box:
    - Surprise customers with a 'thank you' code for their next purchase.

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