Trigger helps your pop-up target customers at the most ideal moment. In ManySales, we have 5 types of Triggers, which allows you to customize the usage of your pop-ups.

In this article, you will find the step-to-step guideline to set up each trigger.


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1. How to Set up On Exit-Intent Trigger

  • Go to Targeting > When to show > select On Exit-intent > Click Enable > OK.

*Note: Remember to set up Frequency to avoid causing annoyance to visitors. Exit-Intent trigger will not be available on mobile version.

2. How to set up On Click Pop-up

  • Go to Targeting > When to show > Select On click to a specific area.
  • Find Element > Click Start Selecting. To make it easier for you, ManySales supports a tool to select the area you want just by clicking.
  • Then click to select the area. You can select various areas together to show the same pop-up message.
  • Click "View elements selector" at the footer to show the list of areas you have just selected.
  • After click Save, you can recheck to decide your selected areas. Then click OK.

3. How to set up a Scroll Pop-up

  • Go to Targeting section > When to show > After X percent scrolling > Set the percentage (%) > OK.
  • Set the percentage you want, around 70% is considered good.

4. How to set up a Timely Pop-up

  • Go to Targeting > When to show > choose After X seconds > Set the seconds > OK.
  • Choose your expected seconds to show the pop-up.

5. How to set up Interacting Pop-up

  • Go to Targeting > When to show > After Interacting with ManySales's Tools > Choose Tools > Click switch button to Enable > OK.
  • Choose the Tools (Pop-up / Sales Pop / Review Box) from your current ones.

- The Pop-up / Sales Pop / Review Box you select here are the ones you did set up before in the ManySales app.
- You can enable many tools at the same time. If you enable all, when visitors interacted with any of them, they will see the pop-up.

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