Pop-ups are super effective to collect New Subscribers or offer a discount to generate sales immediately. Once a pop-up appears, it blocks the entire screen, which wraps all attention to the visuals and contents you aim to feature.

If you offer an inspiring call-to-action message to the right people at the right time, pop-ups could breakthrough your revenues and marketing efforts.


Before getting started, have a quick wrap of how pop-up works in Many Sales.

A pop-up is more influential when targeting the right audience at the right moment. It is the psychological point in which audiences could feel touched by your message.

Imagine you are creating a pop-up, then you may need to concern 2 things:

- Who do I target?

- When should a pop-up appear?

Pop-up in ManySales works based on Show to whom & When to show which solve the questions of Who & When.

To be more specific:

- “When to show” allow you to decide the point to show Pop-up (WHEN).

- “Show to whom” help segment audiences into groups (WHO).

For example, if you want to collect Email/SMS from New Visitors before they leave, then combine condition “New Visitors” with the trigger “On Exit-intent”.


To set up a pop-up, you will go through 3 stages: DESIGN > TARGETING > FREQUENCY.


Pop-up visual is powerful to attract visitor’s attention. Put a little effort into this step could empower your message in every pop-up.

1. The Formula for influential Pop-ups that touch every customer.

No need to be a master, just keep in mind 3 things to make your pop-up always effective: an attractive Visual, a call-to-action Content, and a heart-taking Offer.

Then, combine them smoothly to wrap visitor’s attention.

> See more articles: Practical Tips for Pop-up's messages that always touch. (Upcoming)

*Quick Tips:

Do not add too much information into a pop-up. Only use 1 visual, 1 content angle, and 1 offer to make your message clear. If you want to test other designs, try using our A/B testing tool.

2. Save time with Ready-made Pop-up

To save time, ManySales provides you ready-made templates for 4 common pop-up goals.

Pick out a goal for your pop-up, select your favorite template, then click Apply.

Choose your layout and modify the templates to fit your themes with our editor tools.

You can choose to Create New to design the pop-up yourself or upload yours.

*Quick tips: Try adjusting the pop-up color that matches with your homepage theme. Add-in a logo if possible. These additions will make your pop-up look more professional.


Targeting helps deliver a relevant pop-up message to the right audience at the right moment. A beautiful pop-up can be useless if it targets the wrong audiences.

ManySales supports you with 2 attributes: When to show and Show to whom, which are flexible for you to customize use cases for a pop-up.

1. When to show (Triggers)

Trigger helps your pop-up target customers at the most ideal moment. In ManySales, we have 5 types of Triggers, which allows you to customize the appearance of a pop-up at the most strategic time.

> Learn more about When to show (Triggers)

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2. Show to whom (Conditions)

This rule helps you choose to whom your task should be shown and on which page it should be displayed. In other words, Conditions allow you to segment the right audience who will receive your pop-up message.

> Learn more about Show to whom (Conditions)


Frequency is the number of times a user sees your pop-up. Although pop-up is engaging, avoid spamming your audiences with the same message too many times.

> Learn more about Frequency and How to avoid spamming your customers

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