Many businesses fear negative reviews may drive away existing and potential customers. Respond to customers with negative feedbacks in time might help to turn it to your advantage in some situations. It's essential to control the in and out of reviews on your store, that's why we want to make it's possible for you to manage all the reviews. Thereby, all the reviews you got will be pending for your approval and you can select which reviews to publish or unpublish on your store.

1. Search by filters

The review list in ManySales is the synthesis of all the comments, feedback of your products. You can manage them well with the filters provided.

Below are the filter attributes:

  • Content
  • Product
  • Photo
  • Rating
  • Source
  • Status
  • Last Modified

2. Enable/Disable or Archive the reviews

You have the authority to control the reviews when a customer gave a feedback about the products he owned. No matter what the feedback is negative or positive, you can either decide to enable or disable it. Of course, when the feedback is disabled then it won't be displayed on the storefront anymore. In case you found all the comments are not necessary, you can archive them out of ManySales.

In order to Publish/Unpublish or delete the reviews, simply select the reviews that you want to action on, then hit the button Enable/Disable/Archive to finish.

  • For those comments whose status is Pending, they have not been published yet.
  • For those comments whose status is Live, they are being displayed in your store.

3. Reply/Pin the comments on top

In order to increase the interaction between merchants and their customers, people usually reply to the comments on the products page. Acknowledge this point is indispensable, ManySales allows our users to answer and interact with their customers by responding to the reviews. Doing this might help turn the bad reviews to positive ones in some cases.

To do this, simply click on the comment that you want to respond to, then write a comment on your points in the box. Please note that you cannot delete the response once you hit the 'Reply' button.

In case you want the review that you have replied is displayed at the top of the product page, simply hit the button Pin to top.

When you reply or pin to top the reviews, you will see the icon as below:

This icon will help you to identify which reviews or comments you have responded, pin to top.

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