ManySales allows you to showcase your reviews on product pages in a fully customizable format. So let's design the widget to match the look and feel of your store and customize the default sorting of your reviews to prioritize the order of the reviews shown in the widget.

Reviews Widget Customization

1. Enable/Disable the review box on your store

After you finished the installation, ManySales will automatically insert the widget on your product page. You can enable/disable the review widget on your storefront easily by switching on and off this button (As the following screenshot).

2. Change the review box position

The review widget usually appears below the product description section. However, you can change it to your favorite position or any where in your store.

To choose a position that you want to place the review widget, following the steps as below:

  • Select Choose your own, then hit the button Find Element
  • Select a random product page, then hit the button Start selecting.
  • The selector will appear like this following your mouse movement when you hover over the page.
  • When you're at your favorite position for review widget, click to select. Your chosen position's code will appear as below screenshot, just click save to complete.

3. Customize the master layout

There are two styles of layout for review box that are currently available: Grid view and List view. With each layout, you can edit the following elements:

  • Review date
  • Review font
  • Start color
  • Review box theme

4. Customize Text

Auto-translation might look fake sometimes. Therefore, in order to make the review box more compatible with the main language of your store, ManySales lets you to key-in the content in your own language instead.

Should you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to reach us at

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