When setting up an Automation Flow, you can not create Action Conditions under the Trigger field. At this step, the system only allows you to insert either the Triggers conditions or Actions to your flow.

Where can I create the Action Condition in my flow?

It should be inserted under an Action (Email/SMS) you set for your flow to operate. This condition is used to re-engage with your customers. There are two types:

  • Open: when you expect your customers to open the emails you sent, use this type to continuously interact with them.

  • Click: when you expect your customers to click the link you attached in the email, then you can select this type to keep follow your customers.

With each type, the ManySales system allows you to set the delay time prior to an Action. You are suggested to do this because it will prevent spam because there are too many emails/SMS approaching your customers.

What happened with the action condition if I erased the action I set for my flow?

The action condition will work well based on the action you set for your flow. In case you delete the action for some reason, the condition no longer is operated. As a result, your customer won't receive either email or SMS at all.

Should you have further concerns, feel free to reach us out at email support@manysales.io

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