Now you can get so much more digital marketing with ManySales app by selecting the specific pricing plan, allowing you to start the marketing campaigns just in one ManySales account.

ManySales app has different pricing plans which will be offered for you based on your business scale.

COVID-19 Response Package

Please refer to this article for more information:

Price: FREE


  • 15,000 emails/ month

  • 20,000 pageviews/ month

Here is what included in the package:

  • All ManySales Advanced features

If you are more interested in the features that ManySales is offering, let's continue scrolling below for the other pricing plans

Basic Plan

How to make the interaction with your customers be more efficiently? Don't be email-only and think about the SMS feature, you can reach your customers anytime right in their pocket! It's time for you to upgrade to a new higher level.


  • Starting: $35/ month

  • Maximum: $510/ month

  • 14-day money back


  • Starting: 40,000 emails/month and 25,000 pageviews/month

  • Maximum: 505,000 emails/month and 490,000 pageviews/month

Along with everything from the Free pricing plan, the Basic plan includes these additional features and services:

  • Pop-up

  • SMS Campaigns

  • Automation Flow

  • Chat Support

Advanced Plan

This is a ready plan for you to up-scale your business. If you expect to enhance your business wisely, then this plan is for you.


  • Starting: $70/ month

  • Maximum: $1000/ month

  • 14-day money back


  • Starting: 40,000 emails/month and 25,000 pageviews/ month

  • Maximum: 505,000 emails/month and 490,000 pageviews/ month

Advanced pricing plan provides you with everything you get on a Basic plan, plus:

  • Cart-rule for Pop-up

  • Global A/B Testing

  • Custom SMS number

  • 1:1 onboarding agent

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan is for marketing teams looking for advanced automation and customization.

Price: Contact our Customer Success team to discuss further.


  • Unlimited emails/ month

  • Unlimited pageviews/ month

It has all the features in our Advanced plan and many more:

  • Free Dedicated SMS number

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Deliverability Support

  • Custom branding design

Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at email for more assistance.

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