This article will describe in details and instruct you on how to add and manage your contacts in ManySales.

1. Sync contacts from your Shopify Customer List

ManySales provides a two-way integration for your contacts exchange with Shopify. The system will automatically synchronize all of your contacts from the Shopify Customer List to your ManySales account (Audience List section). Vice versa, we will also push all the contacts from the ManySales sign-up forms to Shopify.

Contacts that are added manually only to the ManySales app will not be synchronized to Shopify. This also applies to all contacts which are collected via the 3rd party apps aside from Shopify (e.g. Google Sheet Forms, Zapier, MailChimp, etc...). In case you want to add those contacts, you will need to do it manually or try integrating the 3rd party solutions with Shopify as well.

GDPR Compliance

To comply with the GDPR requirements, ManySales is using Shopify webhooks intended to deliver proper handling of your store and customers' data. There are three webhooks triggered in Shopify:

Please refer to this article from Shopify to learn more about each of these requests.

2. Add a new contact manually

To add a new contact, please follow these steps below:

  • Navigate for the Audience List > click on the Add contact button at the top right side of your screen.

  • Then select Add a contact > choose the Add manually method then fill in the information of your customer. Please make sure you check-in the box "This person gave permission to be added to the list" so you will be able to send Email/SMS to this contact.

Apart from adding contacts manually one by one, you can choose to upload bulk contacts all at once via a CSV file.

>> Learn more about "How to import contacts by CSV file?"

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