Besides adding a new customer contact in the ManySales app, you can completely import your existing customer contacts from a CSV file or synchronize customer lists directly in your Shopify store. To do this, follow our article below:

Syncing contacts from your Shopify store:

  • Click icon User Engagement then select the Import Contacts field

  • Choose Sync all contacts or Custom rule

👉 Sync all contacts: all your contacts will be synced

👉 Custom rule: the contacts will be synced following the filter you set

  • Hit the button Sync now to complete.


  • Auto sync contacts matched with filter to Contact List: the system will automatically sync newly created contacts from your Shopify store in the future depending on what you select as Sync all contacts or Custom rule.

Uploading contacts with CSV file:

  • Click the icon like the picture below to upload your customer contacts file
  • Hit the button Start import to upload


  • You don't need to create a file in the Microsoft Excel application. Instead, you can download the file from ManySales then filling out the information before uploading it.
  • The .csv file size is less than 2MB
  • The data in the CSV file needs to be formatted according to specific requirements. For more information, see CSV files format

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