In order to manage effectively your audience, you are advised to create groups in the ManySales app. Doing this will help you to use customer segmentation to deliver a better customer experience.

To add contacts to a group in the ManySales app, please following these steps:

  • Choose the Contact list which is located in the Audiences tab
  • Select the group that you want to add the contacts. Example: Vip 1
  • Hit the Add filter button, select the filter item among the list to add the contacts

For example, you will use the Name as a filter, then you continuously select contains and fill out the information as "Keith" in a box, click Done button and then the system automatically adds all the contacts with the name as "Keith" to the group Vip 1

  • Click the Save filter button to continue
  • A pop-up message displays, select Save changes to current group then click the Save changes button to complete


  • You completely can select other filters besides Name as long as it is suitable for your purpose once adding contacts to a specific group.
  • When removing a contact in a group, the systems will automatically delete it from the list of all contacts.

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