What is ManySales Outbound Addresses?

When you're using ManySales email service, it means you're sharing a domain with many other businesses. As a shared domain, we sometimes cannot prevent the fact that some users might be marked as spam by their customers. In case the overall spam rate is too high, the shared domain would be blocked, and unfortunately, it can affect your sending as well. To avoid the bad impact on all users, we encourage you to add your own email address to continue using our email service whilst no longer have to worry about the others.

Here are two benefits of your own email domain:

  • Branding: instead of having to use the same domain of the ManySales app with other users, now you can still create an email with a separate domain for your business. This will make your business stand out and make it easier for branding activities.
  • Avoid high spam rate: sharing the ManySales domain will be a disadvantage when your spam rate is high. This means you are not able to use the Email/SMS campaign if the percentage of customers who unsubscribed you as counted by 0.1%. However, you use your own Outbound Email Domain then you don't worry about this problem anymore. The number of customers who reject your campaign can be high but you still continue using the SMS/Email to interact with your customers.

How To Customize Outbound Domain

  • Select icon User Engagement then choose Outbound Addresses
  • Enter your email outbound domain then click Add Domain button. For example, I am using the domain of Cloudflare provider so I will enter my domain as qc1.giang.dev
  • Verify your DNS domain by going to the domain provider site. In this case, I will very the DNS domain by going to https://dash.cloudflare.com/ then click the button giang.dev (see the picture below)
  • Select the DNS button, select the Type
  • Copy the information in the name column in DNS record then paste it into the Name field
  • Choose the Time To Live (TTL)
  • Copy the information in the value column in DNS record then paste it into the Content field
  • Click Save button
  • Hit Add Record button then do the same thing with the rest value in DNS record
  • Once complete, back to ManySales app to click Very button to finish


  • If you decided to add your own outbound domain, the ManySales domain is no longer worked.
  • Depends on DNS provider, you will verify on its platform
  • It might take up to 48 hours to completely verify your domain, how long this process would take is relied on your Domain Service company.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at support@manysales.io

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