Like email marketing, in SMS marketing you can send different messages to your audience. Automated text messages that confirm transactions, inform about shipping, remind about abandoned carts are automated. They are being sent only when triggered and only to customers who trigger them.

In order to effectively manage SMS campaigns, we would like to mention the following 4 states:

  • Completed: indicates that the message has been successfully delivered. When this status is displayed, the system will automatically freeze this message which means that you no longer edit the content of the message. Then, the system will switch the toggle to the Disable state.
  • Scheduled: When this status is displayed, the system tells you that this message is timed to send. Toggle in Publish Column is as Enable which will allow you to send the message at the scheduled time.
  • Live: Indicates that the Message is being sent. If you want to edit the content of the message, you are required to switch the toggle to a Disable state. Since this message is Live so when you edit the content, the system will pop up as "Are you sure you want to pause? Any changes that you have made will be visible to your customers from now on"
  • Disable: Message is newly created.


  • Other actions can be taken with a message: Duplicate or Archive
  • Only allow deleting the message when the toggle is in Disable state
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