Sometimes the action node (Send SMS/Email) cannot be properly executed due to:

  • SMS credits have run out: All SMS action block will be disabled if your credits are lower than $0.5. To resume it, you have to top up your SMS credits, just like SMS Campaigns.

  • Mail spam rate is high: All Email action block will be disabled if your spam rate is higher than 0.1%. To resume it, you have to set up a custom outbound domain, just like Email Campaigns.

  • Your message contains spam keywords: Make sure that your content is attractive yet clear enough to avoid spam filters and reach your customers' inbox eventually. Don't let your valuable chances of engaging with your customers be sweep away by spam keywords.

In these cases, the flow will continue to other nodes if possible. After fixing the problem that prevents your action to run, the flow will automatically route back to that action node for the upcoming trigger event.

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