With the Sales Pop feature, we want to give honest entrepreneurs the credibility they deserve, not to impersonate trust. So you can only see the Sales Pop appears on your site when a real event (purchasing/site visiting) occurs.


When an order is marked as fulfilled, ManySales will show that order information (product_title, first_name, time_ago) to other visitors via Sales Pop.

Also, select Use product thumbnail & Click to corresponding product options can enhance your Sales Pop productivity.

Note: You can test how it works by creating a draft order in your Shopify store Remember to Mark as paid or/and Mark as Fulfilled


When a visitor enters your site, ManySales will show that information (country, time_ago) to other visitors via Sales Pop.


  • You can test how it works by opening your store in a new incognito browser tab or on a different device.
  • All events will be stored in 30 days to show to visitors based on your Frequency Settings (priority new events to be shown first).

Script Installation

One of the possible reasons that drive your sales-pop doesn't work is the script installation. To have further details on this issue, please visit our post Why the storefront tools do not show up?

Targeting and Frequency

Set up a rule for the sales-pop to be showing up at the right time plays an important role. Doing this will decide your sales-pop on the storefront working effectively. For this reason, we'd like to invite you to come across our blog which describes full details of each trigger and condition of the Target and Frequency.

>>What is 'Conditions' and how does it work?

>>Avoid spamming with 'Frequency' setup

Should you need further support, please contact us via live chat or email us at support@manysales.io

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