This feature pop-ups on the center of the screen when customers have interaction on your site. The Pop-up works the same way regular print media advertising does: they inform, they notify about new arrivals, they grab customers' attention, increase brand awareness, and so on.

Having that in mind, there are a few ways of sending people to your store to boost sales - through Pop-up ads. Below are some advantages which a Pop-up ad brings:

  • Drive more traffic
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Grab the customer’s attention
  • Announce discounts and sales
  • Collect subscribers


The Pop-up dashboard consists of two elements:

  • Impression: as its name, it's the total number of times a Pop-up is displayed.
  • Interaction: The total number of times visitors clicked on the Pop-up (close pop-up/click button/click pop-up).

Pop-up Display

Pop-up Display is intended to generate traffic to your website by linking to it and from there you try to seal the deal, whatever your deal is. That's why the Pop-up setting is very important to attract your customer's attention. Here are some tips that ManySales app can support you to create a Pop-up for your shop.

  • Use your own pop-up: if you have a professional pop up, just use it
  • Create a new one: with the 4 templates are ready to use, it's convenient for you to make an attractive pop-up.

Here are the most popular templates that ManySale is providing:

  • Email Capture: Ask visitors to join your email list in exchange for a special offer, or to get more great tips and news.
  • SMS Capture: Step up from being email-only and approach customers swiftly via text messages.
  • Discount Offer: Promote your limited deals, special discount, or free shipping to convert clicks into more sales.
  • Upsell Promotion: Offer new arrivals, related products based on customer on-site actions to increase order value.

There is an interesting thing that, you are easy to customize our pop-up template as below:

  • Replace the existing image by the others
  • Edit the text
  • Change the color background
  • Adjust the border the weight and the rounded corner
  • Link to your product's URL

Besides, by clicking the (+) button and you could insert the following items:

  • Block
  • Two columns
  • Three columns
  • Button
  • Image
  • Divider
  • Pop-up form
  • Emoji

Note: The app has not supported to generate discount codes yet for your discount campaign. Instead, you have to do this on the Shopify admin page.

>>> Check the article Creating discount codes for the instruction

Pop-up Settings

Setting up a pop-up will be applied to the audience. There are rules that we advise you to set for your pop-up to be displayed accordingly, which we call Targeting.

Once installed, every time a customer opens your store, The pop-up feature in the ManySales app is loaded in their browser. You can set the rule to control when the pop-up shows up by selecting the Triggers.

>>Check the article What is 'Triggers' and how does it work? for more details

Not only apply the triggers to show up the pop-up but also you can choose the visitors who view your product by selecting the Conditions

>> Check the article What is 'Conditions' and how does it work? for more details

Last but not least, you have to set up the 'Frequency'.

If you want the Pop-up run smoothly, and not too disturbing to customers:

  • Frequency capping
  • Delay between two appearances

>>> Check the article Avoid spamming with 'Frequency' setup for more details

The Pop-up is loaded with your live pop-up and displays them right at the center of the page (or wherever you have them configured). This counts towards your banner views, which are revealed in the dashboard of the Lead Generation module.

You can also set your pop-up as clickable by adding an URL to it. When a shopper clicks on the pop-up they’ll be taken to the destination you set up. This counts towards pop-up clicks. If you don’t have a destination URL set up you can’t have any clicks!

Should you have any questions or need further assistance, do not hesitate to reach us at

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