SMS/Email marketing automation is a powerful process that allows businesses to connect with their customers, achieve their marketing goals, and increase sales through custom text/email messages sent on your schedule.

ManySales lets you create marketing automation that targets specific customers to notify them of multiple events. Each automation serves a different purpose and is set according to your specific goal. Automated text/email messages can be sent either to customers or yourself as a store owner.

  • Abandoned Checkout: This automation is triggered when a customer abandons their cart. You can send a text/email message to remind them of their abandoned checkouts.

  • Order Update related (Order Created, Order Paid, Order Cancelled, Order Fulfillment): Since Shopify already has this as a default notification system, you can use ManySales to send a follow-up message to your customer like upselling, how-to-use onboarding, or special promotion.

  • Shipping Update: Automatic notifications sent to customers when their fulfilled order's tracking numbers are updated. Combine with Conditions = Delivered, you can create an Email/ SMS request review after customers have received their purchase to ask for feedback.

  • Customer: a welcome message is important because it will deduct the gap between you and your customer. Besides, you will attract more attention and have a chance to introduce the product that you are selling or offer a discount. With the Automation Flow of ManySales, everything is automatically performed to help you get closer to the new potential customers.

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