Sometimes the contact sync process of your store on Shopify to ManySales app will be interrupted for a reason and you may not be able to perform this process immediately. This happens due to the webhooks issue.

What are the webhooks?

Webhooks are a tool for retrieving and storing data from a certain event. They allow you to register an https:// URL where the event data can be stored in JSON or XML formats. Webhooks are commonly used for:

  • Placing an order

  • Changing a product's price

  • Notifying your IM client or your pager when you are offline

  • Collecting data for data-warehousing

  • Integrating your accounting software

  • Filtering the order items and informing various shippers about the order

  • Removing customer data from your database when they uninstall your app

After syncing contacts from the Shopify store, if your contacts are not fully synchronized, please perform this process one more time. In case of an error from the system, please contact our customer service at to get further support.

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