One of the prominent features of ManySales app is developed to support merchants in seeding their items named Rating Review. Along with the Lead Generation and User Engagement feature, this one is integrated all in one app to facilitate merchants in marketing the products.

From now on, seeding your products will be easier than ever because there is a Rating Review function built into the ManySales app. You can have much more reviews for your products in the following ways:

1. Get Reviews from the AliExpress platform?

Nowadays, there are several e-commerce sites with tons of comments, reviews, or feedback. These platforms are listed such as AliExpress, eBay, Amazon, and so on. Thus, merchants are able to get reviews/comments from these platforms for the items without any obstacles.

This tool in ManySales app allowed merchants to select reviews either the rating or content options. You will save time and with a little effort, you can have the feedback or reviews through your own volition.

Here is the instruction to get reviews from other sources:

  • Drag & drop the Import button below to your browser bookmark bar
  • Go to the AliExpress product page you want to import the reviews from and click the Import to ManySales button on the bookmarks bar
  • Enter the Product Title of the product page you want the reviews to appear on, and instantly import the reviews into your store.
  • Max reviews to import: select the numbers of reviews you want to import (Max 100 reviews per time)
  • Translate: Select the language in the list that you want the reviews to be translated to.
  • Mark new imported review as Pending: redirect reviews to pending status, which are located in the Reviews list field. Right here, you could manage the reviews before publishing.
  • Preview and Import: select and approve each review to import
  • Import: search and import all reviews which match with the setting


  • In some situations, you cannot get enough reviews when you fill out the number into the Max reviews to import. This happens because the product in the Aliexpress platform you chose which have a few comments. For example, you leave the number of 10 into the field Max reviews to import, but the product in Aliexpress only has 5 comments. Thus, the system will take all these 5 comments then importing to your storefront.

2.Get Reviews from your own files:

The ManySale app is very diverse. Merchants are not only getting reviews from other sources but also get reviews by importing the CSV file. Somehow, merchants own a list of reviews for their product which is stored in a file then they want to publish these reviews so they can experience this way.

Here is the instruction to get reviews by uploading the CSV file:

  • At the field Report from a file, click to choose or drag your file to upload
  • Select the product then hit the Start Import button to complete


  • You don't need to create a file in the Microsoft Excel application. Instead, you can download the file from ManySales then filling out the information before uploading it.
  • For the CSV file format, please visit article CSV File Format

3. Get Reviews when the customers write a review on your storefront

With the review box to be displayed on your product page, the customers totally leave their comments or feedback on the items they bought. When the reviews are submitted which means they will be placed in the Reviews list. As long as you got these reviews already, it's easy for you to manage them.

4. Get Reviews from the form request in Automation Flow

Keep your customers informed is one of the features when you use the Automation Flow in ManySales. Thereby, we provide you the way to send your customers a form that you can request for reviews once you inform your customer that the items have been shipped. Besides, asking for reviews also helps enhance the interaction between you and your customers.

There are two channels which you can request the reviews from your customer by using the Automation Flow:

  • Email
  • SMS

Now I will show you how to use the form in Autoflow to request for the reviews

  • From the dashboard of ManySales, let's select the Automation Flow module located in the sidebar
  • Choose the Request Review among the 4 Autoflow categories
  • There will be a request review template for you to be ready to use. Click apply button to move next
  • You can edit the text, moderate the attributes (Firstname, Lastname, Product name) or change the new template when you click the email action tab of the flow
  • Finally, click save button to finish

Here are some possible ways to have the reviews from your customers on the items you sold. By collecting these reviews, you will know how people think about your products. Also, this is one of the options to advertise your store by selecting the best reviews to be published on the storefront. Follow the article below to know what you can do with all the reviews you have at How to manage your reviews in ManySales

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