From now on, getting feedback for your products will be easier than ever with the Reviews & Ratings feature. You can have much more reviews in the following ways:

1. Import reviews from AliExpress platform

When it comes to making your products more enticing to shoppers, of course dropshippers would know how much reviews you should get from AliExpress to make a difference.

ManySales allowed merchants to select reviews by either the rating or content options. With a little effort in just a second, you can have many reviews imported to your store.

Here is the instruction to get reviews from AliExpress:

  • Drag & drop the Import to ManySales button on your browser bookmark bar
  • Go to the AliExpress product page from which you intent to import reviews, and click the Import to ManySales button on the bookmarks bar

Here are what you can do with the ManySales review importing tool:

  • Import to: Select a product on which you want the reviews to be displayed.
  • Max reviews to import: Select the numbers of reviews you want to import (maximum 100 reviews a time). Based on the chosen number, the system will get the reviews with the latest date.
  • Translate to: Select a language that you want the reviews to be translated to. There are currently 18 languages available in the list, the translation is provided by AliExpress.
  • Rating options: Select if you want to import all reviews, or good reviews only.
  • Content options: Select if you want to import all reviews, or reviews with photos only.
  • Mark new imported review as Pending: All imported reviews will be unpublished for revision, you can manage them in the Review List section. In some cases, when the chosen AliExpress product might have lesser reviews than your desirable number in the Max reviews to import field, you could not get enough reviews as intended.
  • Preview & Import: Take a look at each review before choosing which one to import.
  • Import: Start importing the reviews which match with your settings right away.

2.Import Reviews from your own files:

You can also get reviews by importing a CSV file. In case you wanted to migrate your reviews from another app, this might help!

>> Learn more about Import reviews from Google Sheets and Upload CSV file.

3. Get more direct reviews by displaying Review Widget

With the Review Box display on your product page, the customers can leave their feedback directly on your website. When the reviews are submitted, you can easily manage it in the Review List section.

4. Get Reviews by Email requests reviews

Nowadays, savvy consumers are already used to requests for feedback in their inbox, so among many ways of asking for a feedback, an old school option - which is 'email request reviews' - is still merchants' favorite. It's up to the ways you customize the design and contents, that makes your emails stand out.

With ManySales, you can create an automation workflow in which an Email or/and SMS would be triggered right after a consumer received their items. Here is how to create the cited flow:

  • In the SMS & Email section > select the Review Request > You can select either our templates or Create new

To learn more about how to customize your Email & SMS, check this article.

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