Online shoppers feel much more comfortable buying from a store if they know others have done it, and had pleasant experiences. Social proofs legitimize a business in the eyes of the buyers, it comes in various forms such as social media followers, product reviews, blog posts, or news articles that mention the business.

Knowing that people tend to trust reviews before purchasing, you can take advantage of the social proofs to boost the credibility for the products and services you offer online. The most essential and visible form of social proof for your website is the feedbacks of your past customers, by showing it, you're helping your potential customers make a decision faster, increase conversion rate, and eventually get more sales.

Let's see how ManySales can help you improve your social proof better:

1. Get more reviews

Today’s shoppers have countless options available at the click of a mouse, therefore when you're new to the e-Commerce market, the first thing you should consider is: How to make your store trustworthy that hooks the visitors to your site?

In case you don't have any reviews on your store yet, this feature can help to fuel your store with stunning social proof. This feature is great for the reason that it can help you gather reviews from other e-Commerce sources. In this way, you can customize a completely amazing appearance for your store and improve its performance.

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2. Manage your review list

Many businesses fear negative reviews may drive away existing and potential customers. Respond to customers with negative feedbacks in time might help to turn it to your advantage in some situations. It's essential to control the in and out of reviews on your store, that's why we want to make it's possible for you to manage all the reviews. Thereby, all the reviews you got will be pending for your approval and you can select which reviews to publish or unpublish on your store.

Please note that you are not encouraged to modify the content/ratings from the reviews of your customers.

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3. Storefront Display

What you can do as a trust builder on your storefront with the assistance of ManySales:

  • Customize the Review Widget: however you want which matches your theme style.

  • Show the rating stars on Collection Pages and Product H1 Title: to let your customers know which items are the most favorited and best-seller, as well as showing off the quality of your products.

  • Google's Featured Snippets: will automatically be activated when you get reviews and ratings for a product on your site. It's been proven to give many e-Commerce businesses a boost in traffic and sales, but remember that this doesn't put your products on top search immediately if you don't have SEO.

  • Reply to customers' feedbacks: to make it more reliable and let your buyers know that you care for their shopping experiences.

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