In this article you will learn about:

1. The best time to send an Email Campaign

2. ManySales ready-to-use email templates

3. Create an Email Campaign step-by-step with ManySales

4. Track the effectiveness of an Email Campaign

But first, let's check out the definition of an Email Marketing Campaign:

Email marketing is the act of targeting consumers with a commercial message through email with the goal of driving sales, increasing customer loyalty or communicating important information. Email campaigns are designed to reach out to subscribers at the best time and provide valuable content and relevant offers. Using email campaigns allows you to build deep and trusting relationships with your customers.

Email marketing is the most profitable direct marketing channel, capable of generating up to 30 times your initial investment. It's easy to start an email marketing on both creating a campaign and applying the automated flow in ManySales. Like SMS campaign, the automation email in ManySales will keep your customer informed regards the orders, shipping update, or even welcome new subscribers. They are being sent only when triggered and only to customers who trigger them.

1. The best time to send an Email Campaign

Selecting the appropriate schedule to deliver the email will help to increase the customer interaction rate. The customer will be interested in your advertisement when they are not focusing on something else like the deadline, tasks, and so on.

Typically, the best days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to send the emails. On Mondays honestly, it is the first also the busiest day of the week so people will focus on their routine tasks. People will save time on Saturday and Sunday to relax or for family and not reading the emails.

Here are the best hours within a day:

  • Around 6:00 AM as the people have the habits to check emails after waking up
  • Around 9:00 AM since people will check email at the begging of the day
  • Around 01:30 PM because it's after lunch or is the time for a coffee break
  • Around 08:00 PM as people relax after a working day since they frequently check the emails.

For the rest hours of the day, you should not send your emails because it can be a risk to disturb your customer. Especially rush hour that people try to fight with their job and if you keep sending emails to advertise your promotion then it is not a good decision at all.

2. ManySales Email templates

There are many 4 templates of email campaigns, so it is necessary to choose a template that will help you achieve your goal.

  • Event announcement: Hype your new product release, or special events launch with strategic email blasts.
  • Newsletter: Send audience-tailored emails with personalized content for better engagement.
  • Product suggestion: Boost your sales by sending well-timed, relevant product recommendations to recent buyers.
  • Seasonal sales: Create beautiful, on-brand promotions that embrace the seasonal atmosphere.

3. How to create an email campaign in ManySales

An email can be created or inserted in both the feature User Engagement and Automation Flow. Let's follow the instruction below to create an email campaign for your business.

Select a template

From the sidebar of ManySales, let's select the module User Engagement then hit the Email Campaign to start. You will see the interface as the picture below:

With the new version, ManySales provide you 4 popular categories as mentioned above, let's choose one or you can create a new template by importing HTML files.

Editing tools

To add new elements such as an image or a discount box, just click on the 'Plus' button at the right side of the email body and a box of elements will show up. The box consists of:

  • Unsubscribe: add an encoded text which the recipients can click here to unsubscribe your email. This element is required to complete an email template.
  • Discount box: add this element to show your recipients that you're offering them a special treat and encourage them to buy more. You would need to set up your codes first on Shopify admin dashboard.
  • Block: add a new blank block which you can add more text and image within it.
  • Two columns: divide your bar into 2 columns of block, you can add any contents to the blocks.
  • Image: upload an image from your computer.
  • Button: add a button with URL field to your Bar, you can add any link to this URL field.
  • Social button: add social icons and link it to your current social channels.
  • Divider: add a divider to your form.
  • Emoji: add an emoticon to your content.

Apart from that, your email template is a set of blocks, which you can edit separately. By this way, when you change the color, the padding, or even move it to another place, it won't affect the other block of contents.

For text editing, when you highlight the text which you want to format, the editor box will be displayed like in the below screenshot. You can select font style, font size, color, alignment, etc... as how you would like.


You can add shortcodes to your email as a personalized variants. This is the quickest way to create an email which is private and personal to each customer.

Hover to the block which you want to add a shortcode, click on the 'Three dots' button at your right side. Here are the types of variants that we offer for email campaigns:

  • People attributes: First name, Last name, Order count, Total spent
  • Order attributes: Shop name, Last order date

Send test email

Testing the email you have created is essential since you will make sure the email you sent is working accordingly. There are no errors, wrong typo which can be damage to your effort. Acknowledge this issue, ManySales offers you the test function so it's easy to execute in a few simple steps.

By clicking the button Send test message, you can check your email that will be delivered to the audience.

Schedule your campaign

To let your email operate successfully, you need to pay attention to its setting. Specifically, it is the Schedule. Like SMS, there are two options that you can choose for the email campaign to perform:

  • Start now: delivering the email campaign immediately
  • Schedule for later: you may find out the best time for sending emails to your audience. If you aren’t able to send the email yourself at non-working hours, scheduled email is the option that enables you to set time for sending future email campaigns when it is convenient.


  • When you set the Delivery Time as Custom date, the time zone will be default as (GMT-05:00). If you want to change this time one to another one, you can do that in the Account and Billing tab which is located in the sidebar. Last but not least, don't forget to click the Save button after changing.

4. Track the results of your Email Campaign

Email and SMS main task is to build relationships with customers, create trust, and increase the ability to identify brands of customers for businesses. Thereby, you need a list of measures that enables you to monitor the email campaign’s efficiency. To learn further what factors that ManySales provides, please visit our blog at How to Measure an Email Campaign's Effectiveness.

In conclusion

An email marketing campaign supports you to increase the interactive rate with your customers. Different from SMS, an email can include images, text, and more information to attract your segmented customers. Also, an email that can integrate with the Automation flow will be a plus point for your business. It will help you interact with your customer easier, and more conveniently.

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