Get ready! It's time to learn everything there is to know about SMS campaigns.

SMS as a marketing channel has been available for several decades now. Like Email Marketing channel, SMS becomes a great help for retailers to increase sales for their businesses. For this reason, SMS is an indispensable tool to enhance interaction with customers, facilitate business activities more smoothly.


1. What is an SMS Campaign

2. Create an SMS Campaign step-by-step with ManySales

3. Tracking metrics of an SMS Campaign

The following article will introduce in detail the SMS tool that ManySales brings to you and how you can apply this feature to your business strategy.

1. What is an SMS campaign?

An SMS Campaign is a means of business marketing that enables you to interact with your customers via text. It’s similar to an email campaign but is faster and easier to create. Also, the maximum character counts as 160 so you will have to choose the most exclusive and condensed promotional information to attract the attention of your customers.

With an SMS, you absolutely send different messages with full of details of the promotions to your audience. Especially, Automated text messages that confirm transactions, inform about shipping, remind about abandoned carts are automated. They are being sent only when triggered and only to customers who trigger them.

For an SMS campaign, like an email campaign, you can start to create it from your side then select your customer segment/contact groups to deliver your promotion.

2. Create an SMS Campaign with ManySales

Creating an SMS Campaign is not simply to do it by your phone. Everything you need is an SMS Campaign tool to help you. There is a list of SMS marketing tools that might help you with that but ManySales is one of the prominent candidates that suit your demand.

Ready-to-use templates

The process to create an SMS marketing in ManySales is easy to than ever. There are various templates with specific categories which are ready-to-use right away!

  • Discount Coupons
  • Holiday Exclusive Offers
  • Light Promotions
  • New Products Launches

In each category, we prepared templates which you could select one to start your campaign promotion.

In case you can not find the compatible text, it's easy for you to edit further as your own will.


You can add shortcodes to your SMS as a personalized variants. This is the quickest way to create a text message which is private and personal to each customer.

Here are the types of variants that we offer:

  • People attributes: First name, Last name, Order count, Total spent
  • Order attributes: Product URL, Store name

Schedule your campaign

The last thing to create an SMS campaign is setting up the schedule. With ManySales, you have two options to select a date and time to deliver your message:

  • Start now: delivering the SMS campaign immediately
  • Schedule for later: you may find out the best time for sending SMS to your audience. If you aren’t able to send SMS yourself at non-working hours, scheduled SMS is the option that enables you to set time for sending future email campaigns when it is convenient.


  • Customers can reply STOP to your SMS to opt-out from receiving further messages. You can include this keyword in your SMS content to notify your customers.
  • The system will update the phone status as Unsubscribed if customers send the messaging opt-out.
  • You can change the setting of Delivery Time from Custom Date to Start Now at any time, which depends on your campaign.
  • When you set the Delivery Time as Custom date, the time zone will be default as (GMT-05:00). If you want to change this time one to another one, you could do that in the Account and Billing tab which is located in the sidebar. Last but not least, don't forget to click the Save button after changing.

3. Track the results of your SMS Campaign

Tracking your SMS campaign is to measure the efficiency of the promotion that you are running. Through the SMS report, you will track the number of sent text messages and other tracking metrics such as open rate, click-through rate, unsubscribe rate.

Once you collect these statistics then you will see how your campaign works. Thereby, you could moderate something of the campaign that you found is not suitable for the strategy of your business at the moment to make it better.

To learn further what factors that ManySales provides, please visit our blog at How to Measure an Email Campaign's Effectiveness.

In conclusion

Our phone is the most intimate form of technology we have. It’s always with us, allowing you to offer the right deal to the right person at the right time. SMS campaigns are an easy way to increase communication and develop a strategy to reach more customers than you ever have before.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

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