Support users interact with customers and manage customer lists. The ManySales app will summarize the list of customers who have purchased or collected customer information through many different channels, then interact and connect with customers by sending SMS, promotional emails, attracting customers to keep coming back for shopping.

1. SMS/Email Campaigns

This is a fairly new feature on applications for e-commerce platforms. It will help sellers interact easily with buyers via SMS or email address. As such, sellers can use this feature to market and advertise products on their online shop.

>> SMS Campaigns versus Email Campaigns

>> How to create an SMS Campaign in the ManySales app?
>> How to create an Email Campaign in ManySales?

2. Manage Audiences

You have too many customers but you have no effective management tools. You need to interact and take good care of your VIP customers, but you don't know how to stay in touch with these types of customers. The groundbreaking feature developed in Manysale's app, you can easily manage your customer list. Moreover, ManySales also allows you to import or sync your existing lists for best management.

>> Audience Status in ManySales

3. Outbound Settings

You want to top-up your account without encountering difficult payment cases or errors, etc. The ManySales app will solve this problem on your behalf thoroughly. Now, top-up your account to use the SMS feature has been easier than ever. Besides, ManySales also increases your interaction with customers more thoroughly when you use the "Outbound Addresses" feature.

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