Main purpose

Express that your store has good traffic and interaction, type in the FOMO mentality to trigger customers to decide on purchases right on the moment that the pop-up is displayed.

Pop Type

  • Purchase order: Pop-up when there is a new order created.
  • Site visit: Pop-up when there are visitors looking around your store.


With the new version of ManySales, it's easy now than ever because we created for you the templates which are ready to use without any customization. As listed above, ManySales contains two types which are Purchase order and Site visit. For each type, we provide you so many topics such as Christmas, Happy New Year, or from the Classic to Luxury. After all, you could select one which is the most appropriate with the seasonals or the topic you want to show.


With ManySales, you are provided too many options to let the Salespop appear in your store. These positions are listed below:

  • Top: left, mid, right
  • Bottom: left, mid, right

The pop-ups come up in real-time. In case when there are no new activities happen and you don't want your store to look empty, tick on Get from history when there is no new event to let the system shows those old activities from your Order History up.

Also, you definitely insert your link store to the Sales Pop that has created. Doing this will navigate your customers to the specific page once they click on it.

To do this, let's simply tick on Clickable. Please see the image below for the illustration.

Sales Pop Customization

Besides the templates which are well-prepared for you to choose one, you definitely customize it by uploading your own image, changing the background, revising the text, adding the emoji, or even adjusting the border of the Sales Pop according to your views.

Also, we provide different variants in each type, you can freely customize (add/remove) those variants to create your unique Pop-up notification. You can learn more about those variants HERE.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

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