The main purpose of this feature is to bring back distracted visitors.

You might spend a lot of money on marketing to drive more traffic, so it can be a waste when a visitor lands on your site then switch to another site after some scrolls without taking any actions. Furthermore, if customers switch tabs while they’re currently on your cart page, there is a high chance that they would forget about the cart, and eventually, you would lose another sale.

Using Blinking Tab in this case will help you to remind the customers of their cart on your page and bring them back to complete the purchase!


You can find the Blinking Tab feature under Lead Generation menu.

The Blinking Tab only works when your customers leave your site inactive, remember to check the conditions before saving to make sure your message will show up.

You can test how it works after settings by switching to a new tab.

The UI is kind of easy to use, you can customize the message on your tab by adding text and emojis, which should not exceed 40 characters. Remember to set the timing up properly in order not to cause much disturbance to your customers and select the condition to decide the blinking tab will appear to your visitors.

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