We do understand your concern about your confidential information, and somehow you do not want to share it with anyone else, thus we always do our best to check your issue without a staff account at first.

However, in some difficult situations where we need to investigate deeper, staff account is compulsory for us to understand your problem clearly, and find a way to fix it. For your references, check out ManySales Privacy Policy.

You should create a staff account and send an invite to email: support@manysales.io for us to log in and check your issue(s).

You can read this instruction from Shopify to create a staff account for us.
OR you can simply go to Shopify dashboard > Settings > Plan and Permissions:

Then in the section Staff Accounts, click the button Add staff account:

Enter the first name (ManySales), last name (Support), and an email address (support@manysales.io) for the new staff member. Uncheck the box 'This staff account will have full permissions' to edit out those permissions that are not necessary, make sure to give us access to Products, Apps, Theme, and Orders

>> Why do I have to grant access to my Products, Apps, Orders, and Theme?

Click 'Send invite' and that's all. We will take care of the rest.

After the issues are confirmed solved, you can delete the staff account.

Should you have any other concerns, feel free to contact our Support team via our live chat channel by clicking on the bottom right icon inside the app, or our email at support@manysales.io. 

Did this answer your question?

Did this answer your question?