By default, ManySales will automatically inject a script tag to your site to show all the storefront tools (banner, sales pop...). Please check the Installation status to see if it's activated or not before using these below methods.

In case the status is 'Inactivated' or you couldn't run any tools on your website, follow the steps below to manually set up the display on your pages.


  • Go to your Account & Billing on ManySales, then process to Installation > Simply click 'Copy' button to copy the code snippet. 
  • Click on the link named theme.liquid (which leads you to the Edit code page of your Shopify store), paste the code right before the </body> tag, save change and then you're finished!


  • Or you can copy the code snippet as following:
 var MANY_SALES={"shop_id":1662760791244215},
  • Go to your Online store > Theme > Find the Theme that you're using > Action > Edit Code.
  • Search for theme.liquid file, then paste the code snippet before the </body> tag. 
  • Remember to click the 'Save' button when you're done.


  • After uninstalling the app, the script tag may still be left. You can just simply delete it by going back to your theme.liquid file > Find manysales > Delete all the scripts that have "manysales" keyword.
  • If it doesn't work, please create a staff account to email: for us to log in and fix the bug. Make sure to give us Products, Apps, and Theme access permission, then notice us by a message, our technical team will help you quickly.

For more details on how to create a staff account, kindly read this article.

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