Important note: Due to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, we decided to give out a free RESPONSE PACKAGE. We hope this would help all the new merchants to have an easier start with ManySales!


1. Free charge

  • You can keep using it forever WITHOUT any extra recurring cost.
  • NO charging is required.
  • You can decide to upgrade to a paid plan whenever you want.

2. Subscription charge

These charges are for recurring usage of the app, such as monthly subscription. They appear on your regular Shopify subscription bill.

Normally the app will come at first with a Free trial period (30 days). Trial days are available for Free for testing purposes before your actual subscription.

  • You will have to approve the charge before the trial started.
  • NO cost will be issued if you uninstall the app, disable a module, or downgrade to a Free plan before the trial period (30 days) ends.
  • The cost might vary based on the number of modules you chose at the beginning when installing the app.


1. Pageviews

A pageview is an instance of a page being loaded in a browser. Each time a page loads on your site with the ManySales code loaded on it, we will count it as a pageview.

We price based on pageviews because we believe you should have access to all of our features at a price that corresponds to the reach of your company, and the number of people who will see your ManySales displays.

Where can I find my average monthly pageviews?

After you sign up for ManySales, you will see your current page views on the Account page, or on the Billing page. The total monthly price will be the sum of the product plan & that month extra usage.

2. Contacts

Same purpose as how we price on Pageviews, we only charge on the number of contacts you have in the ManySales Contact List. If your contacts increase or decrease, we may charge you overages at the end of each month. Please note that the contacts with 'Unsubscribed' and 'Clean' status will not be charged.


Our pricing plans are based on your business needs, taking into account your monthly traffic, audiences, and domains. Our plans are built to grow with you, so you can get maximum value no matter the size of your business. Whether you're just getting started or an established company, there's a plan for you!

For instance, if you just need the 2 features: Smart banners and Email campaigns only, and don't want to waste money on the rest functions. All you need to do is reach us via for a custom plan, our Customer Success team will adapt a plan which suitable for your need right away!

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