Frequency is the number of times a user sees your message, pop-up or banner over a given time period. This setting will help you to avoid spamming users too much with the same content.

  • Show again: This indicates that you can set up how long your popup will display again. If you would like the pop-up to show up multiple times without disturbing your customers, set ‘show again' at least every 45-60 seconds.

  • Stop Showing: This helps you decide how many times a customer should see your popup.

    • Never: The pop-up will not ever stop showing.

    • After X time(s): X is the number of times the popup show up. This would be suitable for the pop-ups that need a high rate of impression such as time-off announcements.

    • After signed up/clicked X time(s): This defines the number of times visitors need to interact with the pop-up. For example: If you set this as 1 per visitor, the pop-up will display multiple times until visitors interact with it.

To preview the one-time pop-up, please open your website via an incognito window.

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